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Giving in to the Urge...

So yea, here I am, updating...I dont know what to say. Theres been too much going on in my life from the last time I did a legit update. Lets see...halloween, spanish in pants, freaking out people in speech and debate..and that just relates to my twin, Dawn. Oh yea, I have a twin, for all of you cool cats in P-dale.

I guess I'm giving up on love because it really kinda sucks. Not my words, but great lyrics from a great song. My "Boy of Summer" went to homecoming, had a blast, but he said that it was only close to the most wonderous night of his life. I've decided that I wont tell him that I like him. Partically because I really dont anymore, partically because I dont want to confuse him or anything like that. He likes some other girl. He's liked her for a couple of weeks as far as I know. And as I'm hearing from everybody this "relationship" is really random/weird. Depending on the people you talk to. So yea, maybe it would be one of his temporary random things that he does because he is a random person.

As for homecoming, I myself did not go. I've decided that I'm not going to a formal/semi-formal dance unless asked. It was great last year at winter ball though Dawn! Alex Tranter was h/c king. He's such a great guy. He works at Souplantation and gave me free cookies when I went on Thursday! I heart him. He's like an older brother. He knows who I like/liked and I'm kinda surprised that he hasnt told him yet since he seems like the kinda guy who would let it slip. He even got mad at Ryan for not asking me to homecoming, it was funny. And John Carlson said that he would help me look for someone else to like. (He knew who I like/liked too). I love that kid. He said that I should like Andrew (in photo too) and was saying what nice arms he has and such ("Look at those guns!") and he said something to Andrew about liking me...I dont want to know what he said the last time though. Probably something perverted. I know I'm not wearing my hair in pigtails around him again!

So yea, that's basically my life for now. I forgot all the things that happened. All the things that I said needed to go in here when I updated are forgotten...the story of my life. Oh yea, I have downloaded some pretty ragin cajun music. It makes life all the more better! Well, gotta go finish APUSH-it. Its fun, let me tell you!

I do have a boy that supposedly likes me though. Dawn-you're going to have to tell me these clue things (besides the hair compliment thing) so I know and can look for them because I need to know.

Too bad my digital camera is retarded and needs to be flushed, or else I would post pictures! (Which you guys in p-dale should do every post! And those are good pics Britt!)
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