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Stolen from Jennie, who stole it from Sindhu...

{x} what's your full name? rachel renee bourne
{x} what are your nicknames? CHESTER!!!, Rachy, rachie, rachrach, rachelo, heather (photo), midget
{x} when is your birthday? February 12, 1988
{x} height? 5'3 or 5'4
{x} weight? Around 108 pounds
{x} hair? Red, technically strawberry blondeI need to get it trimmed and layered
{x} what color are your eyes? Dark blue
{x} where were you born? Dallas, Texas! HECK YES!
{x} piercing? ears
{x} tattoos? none
{x} what size shoe are you? 6-7, mostly 6
{x} have you ever been arrested? nope
{x} who's your role model? I don't think I have one, but I if I have to say, I'd go with Hermione
{x} do you have any pets? Buster (golden retriever), Oreo/George (black and white kitty), and my Gump (leopard gecko)
{x} do you have any siblings? Little brother, even though hes not so young
{x} name(s) Drew, 13
{x} nationality(s)? white, heck yes! Part irish and english and native americanthat's what I know for sure
{x} what is your astrological sign? Aquarius
{x} who is your best friend? Dawny (my twin), Laura, Kimmy, John (haha, put that just for you Dawn! =P)
{x} pierce your nose or tongue? nose
{x} be serious or be funny? funny
{x} whole or skim milk? 2%
{x} single or taken? TakenI want a brand new perspective on things
{x} simple or complicated? complicated! I'm a pretty complicated person myself!
{x} flowers or angels? flowers
{x} grey or gray? However they spell it in the UK
{x} read or write? read
{x} color or black-and-white photos? black & white (heck yes for photommm)
{x} sunrise or sunset? sunset
{x} m&m's or skittles? Both, the more sugar the better
{x} pen or pencil? pen.
{x} video or dvd? dvd
{x} stay up late or wake up late? stay up late.
{x} tv or radio? tv
{x} is it pop or soda? Soda, but it was pop in Michigan
{x} x or o in tic-tac-toe? x
{x} eat an apple or an orange? apple
{x} what came first the chicken or the egg? chicken.
{x} hot or cold? hot
{x} dead or alive? alive
{x} tall members of the opposite sex or short? People around 6'1" (hehehe)
{x} sun or moon? moon
{x} left or right? left
{x} loud or quiet? loud
{x} high or drunk? drunk
{x} green beans or carrots? carrots
{x} low fat or fat free? low fat. But I eat all fat products
{x} what is your biggest fear in the world? Never finding that one special person in the world
{x} half empty or half full? half and half.
{x} mustard or ketchup? ketchup
{x} hard cover books or soft cover books? Hard cover
{x} newspaper or magazine? magazines
{x} wonder or amazement? amazement
{x} red car or white car? red.
{x} happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor.
{x} singing or dancing? Both especially in photo! To frank sinatra of course!
{x} hugging or kissing? Never been kissed
{x} corduroy or plaid? corduroy
{x} happy or sad? happy
{x} purple or green? Green, but I like all coloUrs, I've decided
{x} chocolate milk or hot chocolate? CHOCOLATE MILK! I only have it every Monday at practice!
{x} marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? perfect friend.
{x} sweet or sour? sweet
{x} root beer or dr. pepper? Root beer!
{x} sappy/action/comedy/horror? Comedy with a bit of sappinessbut I also like to try to be scared
{x} ocean or pool? ocean
{x} cooler ranch or nacho cheese? I hate doritos, I've only had about 10 my entire life
{x} shine or rain? Shine, unless it's the first time its rained in 182 days and you have really cool rain boots on
{x} winter/summer/fall/spring? fall
{x} eyes open or closed? open
{x} fly or breathe under water? fly
{x} bunk-bed or waterbed? Already had the bunk bed experience, so waterbed
{x} chewing gum or hard candy? Gum- Orbit spearmint gum!
{x} motor boat or sailboat? Sailboat, that's what I did for my 16th birthday partay, and that's one of his hobbies
{x} lights on or off? off
{x} chicken or fish? chicken
{x} number? 2
{x} holiday? Christmas! Or my b-day, because it is a holiday!
{x} radio station? 102.7, even though you hear the same song about a dozen times
{x} place? Somewhere fun
{x} flower? Any kind I guessoh! I forget what they're calledmaybe I'll think of it later.
{x} scent? Aquadisioor however you spell itboys smell good! (haha dawn!)
{x} ice cream flavor? MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP! The only way, actually there are a lot more
{x} color? Well, I've decided to not be coloUr prejudice, but green, red, and yellow are all fine coloUrs
{x} if you could be anywhere, where would you be? In photo class
{x} current clothes: PJS! My ducky PJ pants and my mom's old USM shirt that is like a dress. Well it used to be, and still kinda is, but my butt is too big. I hate it.
{x} current mood: procrastinating
{x} current taste: top romanwhich freaks me out
{x} current annoyance: the AP English bio on John Steinbeck and boys, but that's given
{x} current smell: theres nothing to smell
{x} current thing you ought to be doing: AP English bio on John Steinbeck. Gosh.
{x} current desktop picture: harry potter, its sick, I made it myself
{x} current worry: this homework that I ought to be doing, but it wont hit me until later
{x} current sound: Melee! Jimmy Eat World- 23
{x} current fav food: sugar
{x} current fav drink: chocolate milk.
{x} current fav shoes: flip-flops because I'm weird
{x} current fav TV show: One Tree Hill, Degrassi, RfR
{x} current fav movie: harry potter, pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, SCHOOL OF ROCK!... a lot more
{x} you talked to? Ummy mom because she keeps coming in here
{x} you instant messaged? Dawny! Or maybe Timmy
{x} you kissed? Nobody
{x} you yelled at? I don't yell at anyone. But I did have several fights with Dawnlike real sisters!
{x} you laughed with? Lets seeprobably dawn, but in real life, John because I saw him right after school and right before I went home
{x} considered being a hooker? Oh heck yesI need to find a good spot though
{x} split personalities? Not that I know of
{x} obsessive? nope
{x} panic? not really
{x} anxiety? boys
{x} depressed? rarely
{x} open-minded? Sure, ok
{x} interesting? Probably not.
{x} hungry? Not for this noodle concoction
{x} friendly? To the people I want to be friendly towards
{x} smart? I'm good at fake smart
{x} moody? I don't think so. Am I?
{x} childish? Oh yes! Jumping in puddles, skipping around the school, going out on adventures to get candy, and all of this happens in speech and debate! (x 3)
{x} independent? When I feel like it
{x} hard working? If its something important or something that I love doing.
{x} organized? I tryit lasts for about a week
{x} healthy? Heck no! I hate vegetables and I hate meat! I'm a sugarvoire!
{x} shy? When you first know me
{x} difficult? Only to my parents! And maybe dawn, but we're practically related, so it doesn't matter. =)
{x} attractive? I've been told that I ambut don't believe what you hear
{x} bored easily? Comes with being easily entertained
{x} thirsty? YesI should go get water
{x} responsible? Pretty much
{x} sad? Not really
{x} happy? Oh, those AP English bios sure do put me on cloud nine!
{x} truly happy? I guessthings could be better though
{x} talkative? On AIM especially and to Dawn and John to whom I tell everything to
{x} different? I try to be
{x} unique? Everybody is
{x} lonely? yea
{x} colored your hair? Never in my lifeto scared to
{x} have a boyfriend? Nope and probably never will!
{x} own a webcam? nope
{x} ever get off the computer? Occassionally
{x} fallen for your best friend? My best friend Steven in Visalia, he told me he loved me. But we were just 12 and 13, so it doesn't count.
{x} been rejected? I don't knowkinda in a way
{x} been in love? Not sure if its love yet
{x} used someone? nope
{x} been used? Hope not
{x} done something you regret? yes
{x} long or short hair? long
{x} dark or light hair? Red hair
{x} tall or short? medium
{x} dark or light eyes? Dark blue
{x} hat or no hat? Hats are hot!
{x} pierced or no? ears
{x} do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? As I have said before
{x} describe a perfect date: something totally spontaneous, I don't do too well with scheduled things. Something fun
{x} how will it end?: perfectly
{x} do you have a crush? yes
{x} who? Not telling, especially on this thing where everyone can read! =P
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