roxysunshine212 (roxysunshine212) wrote,

Quotes for now

this week's quotes that I remember:

Weishin: So, what do you want for Christmas?
Me: a car, a sprained ankle, a boyfriend
Weishin then laughs hysterically

MO THE MAULER: i do beleive u must love me forever and ever
xsweetart06x: forever and ever and ever
xsweetart06x: :-*
MO THE MAULER: i think ur screwed cuz that is pretty much the definition of marriage
^my twin and rong, I'm basically under the same agreement^

ha! actually, we are chocolate buddies!
MO THE MAULER: sharing chocolate is the extent of our relationsihp
bsblsoxnLOLIPOPS: haha!
^ I do love Rong!^

more quotes when I pull out my planner...maybe tomorrow?
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