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Todays Quotes:

"If I had a glove I would've smacked you and said 'I challenge you to a duel.'" -Jasmine in APUSHit

Chrispy: What are avocadoes bad for you?
Ryan: Because they taste good.

"Tim has a phobia of water. He never bathes" -Ryan
"Except for Tim doesnt actually smell. He bathes quite often with me" -Ryan again

Who Knows How Old These Quotes Are Quotes:
"I have to go to the bathroom, but the flipper's gone." -Ryan

"Shut Up, North" -Dawny


"I am made of lactose and monosaccrides..." -Colin

"Oh I like your jacket! What's it made out of?... 'Seal'" -Dawny having a conversation with herself in APUSH

"We should all just be farmers" -Chris

"RACHEL! I GOT ATTACKED BY A TRASHCAN!...and I kecked it and ran away!" - my twin

"I'm telling you, English people eat peas all the time." -Ryan

"O Geez, stop eating your peas!" -Ryan, again

"Well the roads are paved and who do you think did that? The Easter Bunny?" -Matt

Euhana: Hi. My first name's Foreign. My last names Policy...
Blake: ...and your middle name is Bad Joke.

"If you cant beat them Kawasaki, join them" - Ben

"Am I a crustacean?" -?, maybe Dawny

"I'm wasted...intellectually." -Joven, and that pretty much sums up APUSH

"I call my cat George. But its name isnt George. But I still call it that." - Some ASB girl in my espanol class suming up me and Raquel's conversation.

"You're more addicting than marajuana." -?, someone in APUSH

Dawny: Who said that?
Me: You.
Dawn: Me? I'm funny!

"They were knealing...on skateboards" -Matt Pat

"YES! I got the three right!" - Blake...too bad they were already given...

"It was kinda like televangelists...but, no tele." -Blake

"I was talking to Amanda during lunch and I said 'Oh, I like your shirt. Where'd you get it?' And she said 'Forever 21.' and then she asked where I got mine, and I said 'France.'" - Euhana

"I'm waving my hand! That means it's important!" -Blake

I have a lot more on my quote board, but I'm not sure if I've already posted or not...I should probably go back and check...maybe later.

Perhaps a real update tomorrow if you're lucky and I dont have too much tarea. We'll see...

xoxo, rachy
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