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It's Been Awhile

Well hello there!'s been a long time. I keep thinking on writing on here, because I havent in forever and maybe people would have forgotten about it by now. Which I wouldnt mind because then I could seriously write what I want.

But, when I was thinking of typing on here, it was always some drama that I needed to get off my chest. Mostly about guys, sometimes about family, and occassionally about friends. Now, I guess there's nothing new. I cant like the boy I like because one of my best friends has been in love with him all year. And I can only hope that he doesnt like me back.

Today I read a book about Steve Irwin's scientific adventures: through the immune system. It was fun. We read it to 5th graders. Girls there think that Alex is cute. Of course, I do to, as I myself have previously fallen for that.

So, I guess just saying hi, and that I have not died. And I really like this thing here. lj is pretty fun. I do have to get a better layout though, so help would be appreciated. Oh, and Jennie- congrats! (with Ian). He sounds like a strapping young fellow!
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