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It's November. =)

So, to celebrate the new month I got my chia tea latte.
It tastes so much better when it's a bit chilly out.
I love the extra 10 minutes of free time that I sometimes get in between classes.

I love college.
I love feeling academic, even though that rarely happens.
I rarely have homework; when I do it's pretty straightforward.
I fell in love with France this semester.
A ticket to Paris would be a nice present...

I would like a Harry Potter type scarf for Christmas.
One of those really long types that are actually made to keep one warm, not just to wear because it matches your outfit.
And I would like Phantom of the Opera because I watched part of it last night and am slightly obsessed with it right now.
And plus we've watched 40 Year Old Virgin and Mean Girls at least a dozen times. And Eurotrip, Wedding Crashers, and Anchorman multiple times.
I love movie nights.
I love college.
And doing my own laundry.
And cleaning my room because I want to, not because I have to.
It's such a change, but not really since I still live so close, but I like it nonetheless.

<3, me
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