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Random Procrastination...

[my name is]: Rachel Bourne
[people call me]: Rachy, Chester, Kathy
[in the morning i]: sleep in as much as I can, get dressed, eat, the usual morning stuff
[love is:] indefinable
[if i could see one person right now]: Any friend, Dawn, John, whomever
[i daydream about]: if you know me well enough, you know
[tall or short]: taller than meby about 9 inches
[born]: February 12
[shoe]: flip-flops, most definitely!
[school]: Poway High
[sibs]: Drew and my future sister-in-law, Kayla
[righty or lefty]: wish I was a lefty
++have you ever++
[been in love]: probably not, I don't know
[lied]: hasn't everyone?
[given someone a bath]: my doggy and I attempted to give my cat onethat was, erm, interesting
[smoked]: never ever will
[bungee jumped]: seems like fun
[broken the law]: Yes, one timehahaha
[skinny dipped]: nope
[cried to get out of trouble]: Nope
[cut your own hair]: nope, I was a good child and never did that
[been mean]: more like sarcastic
[stalked someone]: hahaha, Ryan everyday! Even at Balboa Park!
[been sarcastic]: what is sarcastic?
[talked to someone]: no, I tend to be a recluse and I've never talked to anyone in my bloody life
[hugged someone]: oh yea, tranter hugged me today, strange kid [fought with parents]: just starting the whole process
[laughed until you cried]: Not really, but I came pretty darn close today in AP Bio. [been so drunk you blacked out]: I've never been drunk, and I don't plan on ever being
[skipped school]: photo field trip? Does that count? But I haven't ditched, if that's what's being implied
[kept a secret from everyone]: yep
[had an imaginary friend]: I've tried to before, it just never worked out
[wanted to hook up w/ a friend]: yeamaybe
[cried during a flick]: I'm not the type to cry, during anything, and I don't think I've ever cried in a movie
++opposite ++
[what do u notice first?]: Smile
[turn on-looks]: Smile, Eyes, "boys smell good" haha!
[turn on-personality]: fun, easy to talk to, makes me laugh!, knows a decent amount about me
[hair length]: Long is good, too short is bad
[best height]: Taller than me, about 6'1"
[best weight]: whatever works
[last called]: Christine, the nerd
[lastemailed]: I just got an email from Jennie Jackson, which I will most likely fill out after this because it's a survey for her class.
[last mailed letter]: I got mail from some collegeWestmont or something, mail for the family from the Hustons (neighbors in Visalia, moved to Arkansas or somewhere)
[went to the mall w/ you]: Whats the mall? Probably my mom and brother
[makes u laugh the most?]: I pretty much laugh at anything and everything. Chrispeels and Jenny crack me up in AP Bio, Dawn all the time, and Tranter is sooo funny with this whole me-having-a-boyfriend thing. Oh so very amusing
[makes you smile]: "I just like to smile, smiling's my favourite!"
[easier to talk to: boys or girls ?]: depends, its fun to tell boys about the boys that you (used to) like, and then they tell you about their crush. And then the crushes end what happens next?
[have you known the longest]: in Poway- Kimmy
[do you cry with]: Dawn, if I was to cry and Jennie in Palmdaleeven though I didn't cry, I was just there for them
++word association++
[red]: LOVE!
[cow]: mooooooooooooooo
[grass]: green
[blue]: SKY!
[mirror]: reflectionhair
[cracker]: saltines
[zine]: ALEXINE! My love!
[aol]: AIMstupid distraction
[jelly]: sponge bob
++this or that++
[day/night]: Night
[summer/winter]: summer
[tape/cd]: CD
[lust/love]: love
[on phone/in person]: in person, its just a lot more real
[gold/silver]: silver
[scary/happy movies]: depends on what mood I'm in
[coloUr]: I don't have one, I'm accepting of all colours (shut up dawn) But I like green and yellow and red
[holiday]: Christmas, my birthday, summer vacation
[shampoo]: ummherbal essence occasionally. I like the Orange Mango kids shampoo with grape conditioner, personally
[Furniture]: bed
[number]: 2 or 8 or 3
[emotion]: happy, gosh! I like feeling loved by certain people as well, makes me all warm and snuggly inside
[food]: I tend to eata lotand I'll probably be grossly over-weight when I'm 30. I am picky, but I like CARBS! YES! And candy, sugarI pretty much follow the elf food groups (see the movie Elf)
[drink]: I like the fruity kind and GATORADE IN A CAN!
[fast food]: Burger king or In-N-Out
[school subject]: Science or math or photo or Spanish because I'm good at it, but the class is boring or AP English because Walton's the best but I'm not good at writing or APUSHwait, no APUSH
[animal]: I like all animals, but I'm biased towards my dog and George and my gecko
[sport to play]: I don't do sports, wait cheer? And running, I'm ok at that and I find it highly entertaining
[sport to watch]: baseball, I'm an all-star score keeper
[band]: oooh, a lot
[flower]: pretty ones, that smell good
[cartoon character]: hmmmsponge bob I suppose, even though I don't watch it too much any more. I like pokemon! (Gotta catch 'em all!)
[book]: Harry Potter, Cannery Row
[language]: English I guess, I'm pretty good at Spanish too, I really want to learn French, Russian, and German, and Italian, but that's like French and Spanish combined
[weekend activity]: Sleeping in, no homework (even though that never happens), spending time with friends
[roller coaster]: well, I've just started to like them. I like the wooden one at 6 Flags and the one on the beach
[font]: fun font, such as Comic Sans or Century Gothic or cool downloadable ones that I have to download
++have you//do you//are you++
[obsessive]: waitI thought of something to be obsessed about, but I forgot, oh well, its what I do best
[want to go to college]: YES
[like high school]: School is fun, homework isn'trawr
[want to get married]: Yep
[believe in yourself]: Try to
[have piercings]: Ears
[get motion sickness]: nope
[have high self esteem]: depends on who I'm with and what I'm doing
[get along w/ your parents]: For the most part
[like thunder storms]: I was scared of them when I was little, but now they are so cool!
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to get on AIM?]: perhaps, I used to anyways ;-)
[cried because of someone saying something mean to you]: I don't think people say mean things, if its said by friends, I don't care. But if the person doesn't know methen I guess I would
[been rejected]: kinda
[rejected someone]: kinda
[used someone]: nope
[done something u regret]: who hasn't?
[color ur hair]: never. I'm too scared to put anything in it besides the glitter spray stuff
[ever get off the computer]: occassionally
[habla espanol]: si, yo hablo
[could u live without the computer?]: it was hard enough going a week without it and that's why I cheated and only went 4 days with out it
[how many peeps are on ur buddylist?]: 137, but I only talk to about 5
[like watching sunrises or sunsets]: sunsets
[what hurts the most?]: crushes, daydreams about things that you know wont come true
[is cheerleading a sport?]: well I participate in it, so I would know first hand, and yes it is most definitely a sport. A hardcore one at that.
[last time slept with stuffed animal]: last night
[houses lived in]: 6 I think
[schools gone to]: 9I sound like a bad student, but in every city I've lived in, I went to 2 schools because it was from elementary-middle school, etc. (except for Poway)
[bedroom carpet]: berber, or whatever
[would you shave ur head for $5000]: I like my hair, and I have a lot of it
[age for marriage]: 20s
[last film seen in theatre]: National Treasure
[what do you eat for breakfast?]: Frosted Flakes (they're grrrreat!) or a bagel
[bedtime]: oooh, late, wake up early, go to sleep if there's time
[best feature]: I dont knowyou tell me.
++final questions++
[i love]: my friends, family, boys, JESUS!
[i miss]: sleep
[i fear]: the future, kinda
[i wonder]: If I'll ever have a boyfriend, stupid I know. And if I'll get into college
[how do you know it's love?]: I wouldn't know
[i need to]: stupid APEL essayrawr
[i really hate when]: I procrastinate and my ADD (which I swear I have) gets the best of me. And when I spend countless times daydreaming about peoplerawr

well have a wonderful evening, maybe a real update tomorrow? who knows...
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